I've been using WordPress for 10 years now and there's one question that never stopped popping up while talking with friends or professionals from outer markets. If you think about it for a couple of seconds I'm sure you'd be able to picture THAT question.

Just to clear the air here: I'm talking about the often-asked, never-thought-through-enough, so-wide-to-answer-extensively question many people who need a professional website ask about WordPress:

How much is a WordPress website going to cost me? More than often it comes with its buddy-question: How much does an e-commerce will cost me?

Setting things straight

Today we're publishing something that anybody looking for numbers, prices, and costs related to building up a WordPress website and/or an online shop based on WooCommerce is going to love.

I introduce you to our latest infographic: WordPress Pricing Debunked, a pretty neat useful resource with real business examples and also info/experiences from other professionals.

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WordPress websites: how much do they cost?

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